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19 March 2014
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Dealing with Flu Health Scares Through Thunder Bay First Aid

19 March 2014, Comments: 0

Many researchers and healthcare professionals agree that taking Thunder Bay first aid classes is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy even […]

18 December 2013
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Shoulder Pain

18 December 2013, Comments: 0

Shoulder pain is any pain felt in or around the shoulder joint. As the most mobile joint in the human body, it is susceptible […]

28 November 2013
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How to Give Treatment for Surgeonfish Cuts

28 November 2013, Comments: 0

Surgeonfish cuts cause abrasions and lacerations to their victim’s skinusing their bladelike spines “knives” on both sides near the tail. The sharp spine or […]

20 October 2013
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Batteries, Magnets, Coins: Keep Them Away From Your Kids

20 October 2013, Comments: 0

Every year, thousands of children are brought to emergency departments due to swallowing small objects such as batteries, magnets and coins. Young children may […]

27 July 2013
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Red Cross Certification Courses

27 July 2013, Comments: 0

workplace approved Certification Courses – Career Path Going for a career in healthcare could be a very big deliberation just like any other career […]