Standard First Aid and CPR Re-Certification

Thunder Bay First Aid offers renewal / re-certification courses for individuals that want to renew expiring standard 1st aid and CPR certificates. This renewal course is created specifically for candidates who’ve previously completed a reputable standard first aid class and need to renew the award. The renewal certification is of equal worth as the first award and it is legitimate for three years. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) C renewal is part of this course. Training time, date and location is presented down the page and applicants can complete the subscription on-line. Ahead of registering candidates should make sure that they fulfill the workplace approved re-certification requirements posted below. Thunder Bay First Aid offers standard first aid and CPR re-cert courses at the lowest rates and prime locations inside Thunder Bay.

St Mark James standard first aid and CPR re-certifications in Thunder Bay, Ontario
St Mark James standard first aid and CPR re-certifications in Thunder Bay, Ontario

Renewal Prerequisites

Individuals need to fulfill the subsequent prerequisites prior to signing up for a standard first-aid re-certification program:

  • Old (but still current) certificate must be issued by a credible Canadian St Mark James provider.
  • Former award must have been given in the past 3 years. If the certificate is more than 3 years the individuals will have to re-take the original class.
  • Previous certificate must have been issued as a regular award and not a re-cert.

Course Information

The fee for the course is — dollars. The price consists of workplace approved certification fees and taxes. The duration of the training course is around eight hours as dictated by the workplace approved. The course needs to be at least eight hours regardless of candidate background or skill level.


As soon as individuals pass the knowledge section and multiple choice exam they will get a St Mark James standard 1st aid and CPR card which is current for three years. This class is provided with CPR level “C” and AED re-certification. Be sure to let us know if you wish to recertify another level of CPR in this re-cert course.

Individual Courses

Private standard first aid and CPR refresher lessons are offered. Please call or e mail to book a private re-cert lesson with us.

Standard first aid, CPR and AED re-certification dates, times and locations are posted below. Select the date and time that fits yours schedule and select the “register” button.