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Welcome to Thunder Bay First Aid. We are proud to offer workplace approved first aid and CPR training courses in the Thunder Bay region. We are experienced workplace approved, pet first aid and food safety providers from throughout Canada. We are committed a number of values and promise to offer the largest number of courses at the lowest prices. Here are some reasons why you should register with Thunder Bay First Aid:

  • We pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices on all of our courses in Thunder Bay. All of our course prices are clearly listed without any hidden costs or fees. We have a extremely reasonable transfer and refund policy in place.
  • All of our training facilities are neat, clean, well maintained and feature the latest equipment. We believe that offering a comfortable learning environment is essential to being the premier first aid, food safety and pet first aid provider in Thunder Bay.
  • The instructors and teachers at Thunder Bay First Aid are experienced, energetic, knowledgeable and entertaining. Our instructors will cater to your learning methods and have plenty of patience when teaching.
  • We have a no pressure policy. If you do not complete the course the first time you are eligible to re-take the course at no extra cost. We understand the importance of being certified so we are committed to teaching our customers until they have a solid understanding of the course information.
  • We believe in making the registration process as easy as possible. You can register for any of our courses at any time through our on-line registration program. You can also register through phone or email during regular business hours. We have customer service representatives that can help with any questions, concerns or registration.
  • We have the largest number of courses and we provide training classes throughout the week at different times and locations. We try our best to cater to your busy schedule. We also offer private courses in which a instructor can come to you.

Browse through our website to find the right workplace approved, re-certification, pet first aid or food safety certification program.

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