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Is CPR and First Aid Training Really Worth It?

Fact Checked

If you are looking an answer in one word then it is, yes. However, whether the training is really worth it or not depends upon different factors. Being human beings it is our duty to help other human beings who fall into problems. Therefore, if your aim is to serve humanity then the training can be worth it and/or if you want to make a career in healthcare even then it can be quite helpful but then the question really becomes important that whether the training would be really worth it or not. This post will answer this important question.

Training Provider

Whether your CPR and first aid training going to be worth it that depends a lot on your training provider. If you just go on and enroll yourself in any institute around the corner without doing your homework then chances are you might even get certificate for your training but the training itself might not teach you much and all the time and money spent will be sort of lost. It is always better to go with some reputable training provided such as American Heart Association (in US) and workplace approved. Moreover, if your training provider is accredited by any national and/or well-known organization then getting training might prove worthy.

What does Training Cover?

It is important to know what does your training covers, does it just touches some part of first aid and CPR training or does it actually covers all the areas.  Moreover, some training courses only focus on one type of training for instance CPR for infants or adults only as both are preformed differently. Same goes with first aid training, there are different training courses for different injuries as well such as burns, broken bones and fractures, acidic wounds and so on. Always begin from scrap and basic level and then move on to advanced level so you get proper training and know what you are doing when you are helping someone.

Hands on Practice

CPR and first aid training can only be worth it and effective if you get hands on practice, otherwise it would just like learning to drive a car by reading a book or observing someone else. So, you know what you have to do but when it’s time to drive you get panicked. Therefore hands on experience is very important and a key element to make your training worthwhile. Check if you can practice CPR on a dummy not on your friends and family or any other human being. If you won’t panic you will also be able to assess medical emergencies much better and also handle the other people present at the time of any such emergency.

All in all, whether your training can be worthy or not that depends upon your training provider, your learning capacity and your interest whether it is based on career in health care or simply to serve humanity but yes, it can be worthwhile.

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